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Jan 21 2002


My name is Marlow Samuel Bumpus. I descend from a
sister of Amanda Lattin, Catherine Isabella Lattin b.
1851, Boon Co., IN. to Dimmick Lattin b. 1800,
NY. d. 1872 Jasper Co., MO. and Cyrenia Taylor b. 1815,
PA. Catherine married Samuel Bumpus in 1869 and my
grandfather George James Bumpus was born the next year.
They turned up in the 1870 census, living next door to
Dimmick Lattin in Carthage, Mineral twp, Jasper Co MO.
In the 1880 census Samuel was in the Jasper Co.
poor farm and was listed as widowed. He remarried the next
year to Amanda Ballinger who was also in the poor
farm and pregnant in 1980.

I have been trying to determine the death place and date
of Catherine Lattin and the mother of Clara Amanda
Bumpus who my grandfather called sister. Family
lore indicates that Catherine drowned in a flood on
the road West. The children raised by others. George
with uncle James Bumpus and Clara with a KA. farm
family. I have evidence that George James was very
close to the Lattin family and suspect that Clara was
raised by an aunt, possible your Amanda F(Lattin) Long.

The information I am looking for is the death place
and date of Catherine and the identity of family that
raised Clara. I know Clara married Ellwood Baker and
had at least 2 children, a boy, Erlin and a
daughter and that she was in Fresno CA. in 1917 and
had family in San Francisco. Her brother George was in
Seattle that year. I am in hopes that you would have
some information that could help me in my quest to
solve this mystery.

Also, I have some information on Amanda's ancestry that
I would be happy to share if you are interested.


Posted by: Marlow Samuel Bumpus

Date: April 19, 2001 at 08:47:38
In Reply to: Re: Bumpus/ Oklahoma/Tennessee <79.html>
by Betty Holdridge

This could be my James Bumpus. He was said to be a half
breed. That could meen half white and half black,
indian, Etc. I never was told. All the descendants look
either white or part indian. The only information I have
is that my grandfather, "George James Bumpus,
lived with James as a boy, James owned a tavern and George
learned the chef's trade there".

That would indicate it was also a restaurant. Some of the
passed down family history has recently been proven.
wrong. (Fact, George was by born 1870, Jasper Co MO.
to Samuel b.abt1844 OH and Catherine Isabella Lattin
b.abt 1852 IN. She was the daughter of Dimmick Lattin
born 1800 NY. and buried in the Indian/White Cemetary
in Jasper Co. MO. Samuel was living on the Jasper Co
Poor farm in the 1880 census and listed as widowed.)
I think he died in 1885. That may have been when George
moved in with James. (Fact, George had a sister
Clara Amanda who Married Ellwood Baker.)

Desperation has caused me to try to track James in an
effort to find their family in OH. So far Samuel is
a dead-end. I have quite a bit on the Lattin family.
Even though our dates and skin color may differ, the
Bumpus name was derived from Edouad Bomposse b.abt
1605 England and arrived Plymputh MA. 1621 on the Fortune.

There is much information on Bumpus's on the net;
White, Black and Indian and all combinations of them;
which is a good reason to wear the name with pride.